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WTF Records is an underground hardcore punk record label.
Releases are ranging from pure oldschool hardcore (All For Nothing / Still Screaming) to heavy and dark metalcore (Human Demise). With Bulldog Courage and Spider Crew we also throw in some hard and heavy working class hardcore!!!

Our Distro has over 1000 titles and is still growing, cheap prices and fast delivery is our thing so make sure you check out our WTF webshop!!

hc still lives!!
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Latest news

  • 2017-08-08 2017 releases out now!!

    new WTF Records releases coming soon

    coming soon:

    WTF-023: Spider Crew - Sounds Of Hatred CD + LP
    Vienna Style stomping working class hardcore!!

    WTF-024: tba - tba

    WTF-025: From The Heart - tba CD

    WTF-026: tba - tba 

    out now: 

    WTF-022: Scarboro - Here Come's The Hangover CD
    Brooklyn punx in full effect, awesome full length album!!

    WTF-021: CHEECH - Old Friends 7" color vinyl + MCD digipack
    digipack version contains 4 bonus tracks, don't miss out!!

    still hot:

    WTF-020: Live Life - You People Make Me Sick CD
    raging metallic Vienna Style hardcore!!

    WTF-019: Superhero Status - St  7"
    oldschool hardcore from Eindhoven!!

    check our webshop:



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  • 2015-03-29 New WTF Records Releases

    New WTF Records Releases

    We are proud to announce a few new releases:

    WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD has been released 14-02-2015

    WTF-016: The Obnoxious - Beware Of The Dogs LP + CD is in the works

    WTF-018: will be announced soon, be prepared for maximum "WTF" impact!!


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  • 2012-10-24 WTF Records signes CHEECH

    WTF Records signes CHEECH


    WTF Records is proud and happy to announce that CHEECH from Boston USA has joined the WTF family.

    New full length CD scheduled for early 2013, better fasten your seatbelts!!!

    More details to follow asap

    HC lives!!
    Tim WTF

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  • 2012-08-17 Olde York - Shallow World release details

    Olde York - Shallow World release details

    WTF-011 cover.jpeg

    The CD is currently at the pressingplant and soon available, CD comes with nice posterbooklet and will have the following killer tracks, New York Hardcore!!

    1. Peeling Paint, check: youtube
    2. The Hatred You Spread
    3. Entropy
    4. Fall Of Man
    5. On And On
    6. Once
    7. Liars
    8. Shallow World
    9. Front Line
    10. Hard To Recognize
    11. Blood On Our Hands
    CD is available for pre-order in our WTF webstore:
    Distro's & shops get in touch for wholesale rates!
    greetz & hc lives
    Tim WTF

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WTF Releases

Scarboro - Here Comes The Hangover

Scarboro - Here Comes The Hangover Scarboro website


SCARBORO is a three-piece hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York formed in 2012. The current line-up is Shi Heng Shi: Guitar/Vox, Jack Counce: Bass/Vox and Gayla Escoda Brooks: Drums. Drawing on influences from H2O, Descendents, early Agnostic Front, and Bad Religion to name a few, SCARBORO serves up bursts of raw and compact catchy songs that stay true to their roots.

For fans of:
  • H20
  • Early Agnostic Front
  • Descendents
  • Minor Threat
  • Bad Religion
  • 7 Seconds


  1. 1 Scarboro(01:28)Audio-clip
  2. 2 Disassociate(01:12)Audio-clip
  3. 3 One Night Last Stand(02:01)Audio-clip
  4. 4 Life Like Any Other(01:14)Audio-clip
  5. 5 Relentless(02:30)Audio-clip
  6. 6 Archangels(02:26)Audio-clip
  7. 7 Watch Ya Back(01:42)Audio-clip
  8. 8 Cliche I Know(00:53)Audio-clip
  9. 9 Bury It(01:26)Audio-clip
  10. 10 One Heart One Mind(01:47)Audio-clip
  11. 11 Downward Spiral(02:30)Audio-clip
  12. 12 Panic at the Cisco(02:52)Audio-clip
  13. 13 Blackout(01:58)Audio-clip
  14. 14 Here Comes The Hangover(01:58)Audio-clip
WTF-022 CD

CHEECH - Old Friends

CHEECH - Old Friends CHEECH website


BostonÕs CHEECH returns for another round of thrash-infused hardcore. While other bands retread their well-worn musical paths, CHEECH pushes their own boundaries on OLD FRIENDS. Fast, old-school hardcore is melded with Maiden-esque guitar licks while melodic basslines underscore a blues-based solo. Two-step drum breaks build to sing-a-long choruses. And thereÕs more than one big breakdown slipped in somewhere. All this, while spitting their sarcastic lyrical take on subjects ranging from social media, to scene politics, and cult films. Also included is a cover of Bulldog CourageÕs ÒOld Friends Die Hard,Ó a heartfelt send-off to two members of BDC that recently passed away. CHEECH always offers something for everyone, from the punk rocker, to the metalhead to the hardcore kid, and OLD FRIENDS is more proof of that fact.

For fans of:
  • Sheer Terror
  • Blood For Blood
  • Motšrhead
  • Iron Reagan
  • Agnostic Front
  • NRSV
  • DRI
  • SOD


  1. 1 War Of 84(02:20)Audio-clip
  2. 2 Outta Time(03:33)Audio-clip
  3. 3 Jumped The Shark(01:41)Audio-clip
  4. 4 Old Friends Die Hard(02:51)Audio-clip
WTF-021 7" vinyl

Live Life - You People Make Me Sick

Live Life - You People Make Me Sick Live Life website


Live Life is a 5 piece hardcore band from Vienna Austria. Right from the start, the band has been moving along full-swing, in order to bring forth their version of honest and passion-filled hardcore, while discarding most labels this genre implies on itself. The city of Vienna has a very active hardcore scene at the moment. Upcoming bands like Tigerblood, Companion and In The Cage combined with veteran forces Only Attitude Counts and Spidercrew are pushing the game to the next level. Live Life has a strong DIY ethic in every aspect of the bands progress. Even when outsourcing, Live Life chooses to support and utilize local artists and friends, upholding one of our strongest beliefs, community. With goals to play, tour and produce as much as possible, expect to see quite a lot from this band in the near future! WTF Records always had a strong connection with the Vienna Hardcore scene and is proud and happy to work with Live Life. With this debut album Live Life is ready to rock the stages of Europe and get crowds moving for sure!!

For fans of:
  • VSHC hardcore
  • Terror
  • 25 Ta Life
  • Never Face Defeat
  • Only Attitude Counts
  • From The Heart
  • Rykers


  1. 1 Intro(00:28)Audio-clip
  2. 2 Despise(02:56)Audio-clip
  3. 3 You people make me sick(02:46)Audio-clip
  4. 4 Start a riot(02:03)Audio-clip
  5. 5 Rat race(02:40)Audio-clip
  6. 6 No worries(02:17)Audio-clip
  7. 8 No one died for my sins(02:31)Audio-clip
  8. 7 Mi casa es su casa(02:37)Audio-clip
  9. 9 Forgetting truth(02:18)Audio-clip
  10. 10 Break your chains(02:52)Audio-clip
WTF-020 CD

Superhero Status - Superhero Status

Superhero Status - Superhero Status Superhero Status website


Superhero Status formed in Eindhoven (NL) after the Dutch hardcore band MM split up, long-time friends Bart (ex- MM) and Ray (ex- MM, State of Affairs , For A Few Dollars More) decided to keep on playing music together. Mattis (ex- Checkmate) joined the two on vocals and Andre (Jamestown) completed the Superhero Status line up. The first new tunes were written soon and the recording of the first demo started. Soon the band played a bunch of shows and started to build a live reputation with their enthoussiasm. As last addition the band was reinforced with Mick on the second guitar to give the sound that bit of more spike to work with. WTF records has always been open to different styles of hardcore ranging from dark metal core to even ska-jazz sounds. Superhero Status adds some catchy old school hardcore punk tunes with a touch of melody to the roster! It's hard to sit still listening to the songs and its even harder when the guys play live!! Lets goooo!!!

For fans of:
  • Gorilla Biscuits
  • Snapcase
  • Vandals
  • CIV
  • Grey Area
  • 98 Mute


  1. 1 Impact(01:23)Audio-clip
  2. 2 Old Friends(02:47)Audio-clip
  3. 3 Through The Years(02:39)Audio-clip
  4. 4 Living Chance(02:25)Audio-clip
  5. 5 Take It Back(02:46)Audio-clip
WTF-019 7" vinyl
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  • February 14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!


  • 02-14 WTF-017: From The Heart - Leave It All Behind CD release!!

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